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Free Shipping

We will send you shipping package for free in case you want to ship it to us.

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Free Evaluation

After checking your device, we will evaluate it at no cost !

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No Data ! No Charge

If the data recovery not successful, you will not pay anything.

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Remote Data Access

We provide remote access for the customers to be able to see their data remotely.

We provide data confidentiality.

Data security and confidentiality is and always has been, the biggest
priority within our company. Therefore, there is nothing more
important to us than keeping your data completely confidential and

To keep your data safe, none of our data recovery servers are
networked in any way, which guarantees that there can not be a data
security breach within our network. This means none of your
information will ever be shared peer-to-peer or by network intrusion.

We have a strict non-disclosure agreement and all of our employees
comply with this agreement.

What You Get

We securely image your hard drive in secure sever as much as possible and then save your recovered image for 30 days. Then we will clean up our back up severs after that.  Based on the image we can give your final recovered data with the following format:

  • Exact structure data tree format in external drive .
  • RAW recovery in case the surface is damaged and full recovery is not possible.